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P1 ChipGuard

P1 ChipGuard. Protective, peelable, paint.


Developed over 4 years, P1 ChipGuard is the next generation of sprayable, peelable paint protection that is designed to overcome the limitations of pre-cut adhesive film from a roll.

The P1 ChipGuard protective coating is applied as a naturally CLEAR, 6 coat system, producing a hyper gloss finish that forms a barrier between your paintwork and things that could damage it. Including stone chips, bird lime, tree sap, minor scrapes, scratches, UV colour fade and key carrying vandals!

  • P1 protects your paintwork
  • P1 is sprayed not laid, so covers tight areas without creasing
  • P1 has no size limits on the area covered
  • P1 uses no adhesive. Easily removed, without heat or damaging the paintwork
  • P1 no need for cutting on the car, so NEVER a risk of damage or rust
  • P1 covers whole panel with no edges
  • P1 no lift or peel. Car and jet wash safe
  • P1 will not fade or yellow
  • P1 is non toxic / low consumption

From the moment you drive your new pride and joy off the forecourt, the paintwork is vulnerable to all that the road can throw at you. P1 ChipGuard was designed to give you peace of mind that everyday road debris will just bounce off, protecting your investment and keeping your car as good as new.

If you want to protect it…P1 ChipGuard it!

Why Paint Protection?

Modern paint finishes are typically made up of 3 layers (primer, base coat and clear coat), which makes them more susceptible to stone chips: if the top coat gets chipped it can expose the primer (or bare metal) making the chip highly noticeable.

As well as being unsightly, excessive stone chips will devalue your car, are expensive to rectify and can allow rust or corrosion to take hold.

Why P1 ChipGuard?

Unlike traditional sheet films, P1 ChipGuard is sprayed directly on to the vehicle – which means that you get the same high level of protection, without any unsightly seams or visible edges where wax and dirt can accumulate.

P1 ChipGuard is covered by a 4 year warranty; if the paintwork is damaged by stone chips during that period, we will not only replace the film but also repair the paintwork beneath!